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"2015 was projected to be a significant year for the Food & Beverage industry, with most respondents expecting growth in sales, profit and employment. The factors most likely to influence sales growth were new customers, improved sales performance and new products. The top trends predicted to drive sales growth are healthy/nutritious food and locally grown foods. - WEISERMAZARS

The Industrial food production chain is an area where AZ Pneumatics has always proven itself to be particularly capable. Mainly known for its artisan like approach to manufacturing, AZ Pneumatica has always strived to deliver products that matched its promise to excellence. The key to its success in this area, as much as in others, could be namely attributed to the peculiar work history the company has experienced throughout the course of time. In fact, since its very inception, back in the early eighties, in the beautiful land of Italy, the Food & Beverage world capital, AZ engineers have had to deal with some of the most varied instalments ever. These peculiar and unique circumstances have eventually brought AZ to acquire a level of craftsmanship second to none.

Brewery Production Plant

In lieu of such heritage, AZ continues its path to excellence in the defining practices of creating all of its modern assortments. Today, AZ Pneumatics features a full line of solutions which are extremely practical to install, easy to set-up, sturdy in their manufacturing and incredibly valuable for money. These products are constantly utilised by the Food & Beverage Industry, whether through OEM or Specialty practices. Checkout some of our specialty products for this industry, such as our miniature cylinders and compact cylinders or perhaps our sturdy line of mechanical or solenoid valves. For all the latest news on our products, consider visiting the highlights section of our website. 

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