Our Compact ISO Cylinders are available both in VDMA and UNITOP  in compliance to European standards. Their dimensions follow the metric & gas measurement systems. The choice of materials and other design features have provided the basis for a complete range of versatile and reliable products.


Our Compact Cylinders have been designed to satisfy the application requirements of the automation control industry and enlist a vast array of features, such as:

  • BTP
  • Simple Effect Spring Return and Double Effect
  • Standard Magnetic
  • Special versions on request
  • Easy to Mount on multiple set-ups
  • Fully threaded body
  • Both Male and Female Threaded Rods

AZ Compact Cylinders are delivered in NBR or Viton standards with simple effect movement or double effect. It's extremely reduced dimensions and fully threaded body makes it perfect for tight, space limiting, movements. Rods available both threaded and not threaded. A full range of accessories are also available in both UNITOP and VDMA versions.

For stroke lengths specifications and product assortment please see dedicated brochure. Available ranges from 32mm to 100mm.

Popular Questions
Do you ship outside of Massachusetts?
Yes, we do! AZ Pneumatica USA delivers both within the State of Mass and all other major US States!
Are your Products NPT or BTP?
As per International Convention, we only manufacture BTP cylinders.
Are the measures indicated in inches?
No, they're not!
Do you guys offer custom end-stroke lenghts?
Yes, we do 🙂
Are they interchangeable with other brands?
Of course, they are 🙂
Dedicated Brochure

For a detailed list and description of our Compact Cylinders, please download our brochure here!