"The US is the second largest packaging market in the world, with over 589 billion units sold in 2015, of which 5.8 billion are carbonated based packaged goods. With trends looking at a global food packaging market stabilising at around $282.6bn by the end of 2016, we could safely, though prudently, set our site toward an even better general economic environment in late 2016 and/or early 2017." - PMMI

AZ Pneumatics' products are found in many industries, including food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical. In time, given our peculiar approach to market in the area of customisation, we've been able to thoroughly investigate this business in all of its aspects and peculiarities. AZ's engineers are at your service to help you identify and solve issues relating to virtually all industry concerns, whilst give you the support you need, in terms of design, performance, size and cost. 

Packaging & Pneumatics

Since 1982 we’ve been a selected partner for many leading companies in this area, both in the designing and manufacturing side of things. Hence, we've developed a significant amount of standard and custom products fit to satisfy the needs of the most tasking installations. Our staff of seasoned engineers have been skillfully trained to takle all the ins and outs of the packaging world and possess extensive hands on experience in handling complex installation issues, thus recommending proper sourcing. To this end, AZ features a full line of relevant products which will certainly fit the requirements of the most demanding applications. Some of our featured solutions in this area may be found in our full line of pneumatic cylinders and actuators as well as within our comprehensive range of filters, regulators, lubricators and vacuum products.

Other Industries

Industrial Automation


Wood & Lumber

Food & Beverage


Metal Cutting