I’m building a Company inspired by the love my mother had for me! With such example I walk steadily, give generously, care tirelessly, discipline vigorously, encourage patiently and, most importantly, love abundantly!
Battista Marini Founder | 1946-2008

Welcome to AZ Pneumatica

Founded in Milan, Italy in the early 80's, AZ Pneumatica has been on the forefront of the manufacturing world in the production of fine pneumatic valves and ancillary components. Through continued investments in modern technologies, particularly robotics, the Company has been able to develop and produce a vast range of fully internationally compliant products, thus satisfying the needs of both the Italian and all other foreign markets.

AZ Pneumatica's core business lies in the customisation and production of pneumatic integrated air circuits, able to accomodate the numerous demands of today's business, copiously asking for more compact and cost effective pneumatic solutions.

Its state of the art manufacturing plants, alongside its highly trained and seasoned professional workforce, puts AZ Pneumatica on a league of its own! Pioneer of some of the world's most acclaimed valves and cylinders designs, AZ Pneumatica is also an internationally acclaimed OEM manufacturer! Its products are featured in the catalogues of some of the top 10 Pneumatic Valve manufacturers in the world. This alone should suffice in classifying AZ Pneumatica with undisputed leadership in this sector.

The Company has recently expanded into larger premises and just granted full distribution rights for the United States to AZ Pneumatics LLC, our Boston based firm.

Our Core Beliefs


We liaison with top Boston Universities and Tech Hubs to develop the next generation line of pneumatic solutions.
  • MIT Liaison Program
  • Boston Innovation Center
  • District Hall
  • Venture Café


We nurture local relationships with the City of Boston and the State of Mass. to develop our business.

  • City of Boston
  • Mass-Gov
  • Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic Development


As with any respected business, we respect the territory we operate in. That's why we're loved by the City of Boston.

  • Hire Local People
  • Purchase Locally
  • Research in Local Labs
  • Privilege Local Sales
Our Vision
Commercial Philosophy
We chose the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts because it fits the business model we've committed ourselves to follow! In fact, unlike others, we're actually physically present everywhere we say we are. We don't use intermediaries, and we maintain active inventories! In turns, we guarantee you Tier 1 Industry standards, from production to price.
Business Participation
We strongly believe in networking and that's why we took a step forward when asked to participate in various International business programs. As active players for the "Select USA" initiative, a global investment program by the ITA (International Trade Administration), we continue to expand our business nationwide.
Research & Development
Working in a technological field such as ours, implies constant exposure to research. To this end, we make significant investments in product development through a series of activities which include research programs with some of the top International Universities, including MIT and Politecnico di Milano.
Business Finance
As a family owned business since day first, we continue do finance our firm with our own personal capital! In fact, Banks don't like us too much 'cause we've never borrowed money from them! How unusual is that in today's credit based economy? Well, risking to look a bit old fashioned, we continue to believe in the power of real money and protect both our business and yours like no Fortune 500 corporation would ever do.
Human Capital
We strongly believe in our people! They're our greatest asset and our sole guarantee of success! As a result, we provide them the tools they need, both intellectual and material, to become the successful professionals they want to be! Since 1982 we've never laid a single employee off but continued to hire and staff ourselves with the best individuals in the business.
Some Facts
100% Private Ownership
75% International Distribution
61% OEM Manufacturing
1% Indebtment
90% Automation & Robotisation
21% Research & Development

World Distribution