Normalized Valves

AZ's Normalized Valves for the Automotive Industry comprise a range of diverse pneumatic products such as: VDMA01, VDMA02, ISO1, ISO2, ISO3 and Namur.


Our Normalized Valves have been designed to satisfy the Automotive Industry. They feature a vast list of characteristics, which include:

  • From VDMA01 to ISO3
  • Base Mounts 1/4", 1/8", 3/8", 1/2", BTP
  • Pneumatic & Electric Versions.
  • Electric Versions piloted by CNOMO or 15" pilots



AZ's Normalized Valves are products particularly indicated in solving and managing pneumatic based circuit issues in the Automotive Industry or in the general Industrial Automation sector.

Popular Questions
Do you ship outside of Massachusetts?
Yes, we do! AZ Pneumatica USA delivers both within the State of Mass and all other major US States!
Are your Products in BTP?
Yes they are! All our products are manufactured according to the BTP standard.
Are the measures indicated in inches or mm?
Our valves characteristics are expressed in mm.
Dedicated Brochure

For a detailed list and description of our Micro-Valves, please download our brochure here!