Manually Actuated Valves

AZ's Manually Actuated Valves are vastly implemented in many industrial and trade markets. They're mostly used in simple pneumatic circuitry and find a place in  processes directly involving on-off movements of air cylinders.  Available in various formats, they could be either stable, mono-stable, bi-stable, open centers, closed centers and pressured centers. Our valves are controlled by hand.

Key Benefits

Our manual valves have been designed to satisfy the application requirements of the automation controls industry and feature a vast array of benefits, such as:

  • NPT range includes 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2"
  • Available in TOP Lever, Push-Pull, Panel Mounting, 90' Lever.
  • Body and hand-caps in solid aluminum
All Industries
50µ filtered, lubricated/non-lubricated air
Operating Pressure:
from 0.9-10bar (Vacuum-145 PSI)
aluminium 11S
Internal Parts:
brass OT58

On Premise Operations

Industrial Applications.

Key Advantages

AZ's Manual Spool Valves come in a variety of options and well accommodate the market's many specific needs, thus numerous set-ups with top of class characteristics are offered. With flow rates ranging from 500 to 4600 lt/min. and operating pressures ranging from -0.9 to 10 bar, our valves are a valid option for those seeking for a simple, flexible and qualitative installation..

Available Models

5 Way Valves
5-way valves are one of the most commonly used pneumatic components for directional control. By providing four distinct flow paths, these valves make it easy to reverse the motion of a cylinder or motor.
3 Way Normally Open Valves
Primarily used to operate single-acting actuators such as spring-return cylinders, 3-way valves feature three passages within a valve body which are used to pressurise and exhaust a port. AZ Pneumatica manufactures several 3-Way Normally Open valves to fit application requirements.
3 Way Normally Closed Valves
3-Way valves feature three passages within a valve body which are used to pressurise and exhaust a port. These valves are primarily used to operate single-acting actuators such as spring-return cylinders. AZ Pneumatica manufactures a wide variety of 3-Way Normally Closed valves to accommodate application requirements.

Our Clients Says

“In my close to 35 years experience in the business, I can say AZ’s manual valves are some of the best choice out there! They’re well build, work on high and low pressures without problems and are extremely durable.”
Rebecca Simpson Product Manager
“Selecting a good supplier is something I’ve been doing for many years and can certainly tell you AZ has been one of the smartest choices I’ve ever made to date.”
John Doey Purchases