Micro-Mini Valves

AZ Micro Valves are generally used in applications where very little air flow is needed. They-re primarily fit to send  pneumatic signals to power valves in common air circuitry. Our range comprises a series of products such as pushing, rotating and lever. Our Micro Valves are the ideal solutions for those looking to design pneumatic built circuit catered towards all industry sectors. AZ Micro Valves are a Top European Industry Standard best seller!

Key Benefits

These miniature valves have been designed to satisfy the application requirements of the controls industry, paying particular attention to the features which these components must have, i.e.:

  • short operational stroke
  • small dimensions
  • fast and accurate signal
All Industries
Flow Rate:
100 Nl/min (0.1 Cv)
NC and NO poppet
Operating Pressure:
2-10 bar (30-145 PSI)
aluminium 11S
max +60°C (140°F)

On Premise Operations

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Key Advantages

Here's a brief list of advantages derived from the use of mechanically actuatedvalves:

  • No electronic controller required
  • No programming effort required
  • Easy to adjust and connect
  • Control and measurement via sensors
  • Variety of porting options
  • Numerous configurations for added versatility
  • Miniature size availability
  • Colored nylon actuators for easy identification
  • Long product life
  • Plated for corrosion resistance

Available Models

5 Way Valves
5-way valves are one of the most commonly used pneumatic components for directional control. By providing four distinct flow paths, these valves make it easy to reverse the motion of a cylinder or motor.
3 Way Normally Open Valves
Primarily used to operate single-acting actuators such as spring-return cylinders, 3-way valves feature three passages within a valve body which are used to pressurise and exhaust a port. AZ Pneumatica manufactures several 3-Way Normally Open valves to fit application requirements.
3 Way Normally Closed Valves
3-Way valves feature three passages within a valve body which are used to pressurise and exhaust a port. These valves are primarily used to operate single-acting actuators such as spring-return cylinders. AZ Pneumatica manufactures a wide variety of 3-Way Normally Closed valves to accommodate application requirements.


The mechanically operated valves in the Series 3 (1/8”) have been designed with three different types of actuation, plunger, lever/roller and unidirectional lever/roller.  In each case, return is effected by a mechanical spring. The Series 3, 3-way/2-position valves are normally closed in the rest position when the pressure is supplied at P and are normally open when the pressure is supplied at the connection R, the user port A remaining unchanged. Moreover, the 5-way/2-position valves may be supplied via the ports R and S with two different pressures if a cylinder has to be operated using a delivery pressure which is different from the return pressure. They can be operated with vacuum down to -.9 bar (28” Hg). Additionally, the series 3 valves can be supplied with 2 different pressures into ports 3 and 5 if a cylinder requires different extend and retract forces. The series 1 valves offer a more rugged, compact design with steel operator interfaces.

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